Host a Student

Hosting International students is a great way to offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a student as well as an opportunity for you to learn more about other cultures.

Would you like to impact the life of an international student or scholar?

Host someone for Thanksgiving! 


In Thanksgiving 2017, consider offering a student the experience of an authentic American holiday in your home. This is not intended to be an overnight stay, but just having students over for a meal, fun, traditions, and providing transportation if they need it.

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Commitment Level: Hosting a student can range from a very minimal level of commitment all the way up to having them live with you. Here are some hosting options:

  • Meals once or twice a month
  • Celebrate a holiday or weekend trip together
  • Take students grocery shopping
  • Host a student in your home for a week over the holidays or summer break
  • Open your home to a student for a semester or year

Your Impact: As a host (singles can host too!), you have the opportunity to:

  • Help internationals adjust to life in the US
  • Go deeper in friendship 
  • Exchange cultural experiences
  • Have meaningful conversations that leave a life-long impact


My host mom had me over for dinner every week. Because of her love and care for me and others around us, I started to truly understand for the first time the love of Jesus. I am so grateful for this experience! - Ping, China

Host Family/Individual Requirements

If you are interested in hosting a student, please complete the following: 

  • Contact CXI to let us know you are interested
  • Interview with CXI staff
  • Provide references
  • Attend orientation
  • Affirm that you ascribe to CXI's Statement of Faith and NAFSA code of ethics


Feel free to contact Kim Sollie at


To apply please fill out the form below, or download the form at the bottom of the page and mail it in. We will respond to you promptly!

Name *
Spouse Name
Spouse Name
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Please share information about your children, home and/or pets.
Holidays Available **
**Holiday Visits can be as simple as an invitation to dinner; it does not need to be a complete host stay.
*Most hosting is needed from the middle of July until school starts after Labor Day. A few requests can come in the first two weeks of January before Spring Semester starts. This is a commitment of 1 to 7 days. Visiting Scholars, however, can come anytime during the year.
Profession and Company / School Name(s)
Denomination & Church Name
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Name & Phone
How did you hear about us? What are your expectations as a Host Family volunteer?
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You can download the Host Family Application Form, fill it out by hand, and send it in to the address below.

Host Family Application Form

Return form to Connexions International

808 Essex St. S.E. - Minneapolis MN - 55414